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 Fixed Orifice Double Regulating Valve
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Fig DRVF 1209-BT Threaded BS21( IS07) For Single Unit system conforms to BS7350 Specification Y-pattern globe valves having characterised throttling disk tending towards equal percentange performance. Intergral square edged entrance orifice plate and insertion test points fitted. Double regulating feature allows valve opening to be set with an Allen key. Operation of the valve is by means of the Microset hand wheel End Connetion Size 1/ 2" to3/ 4" : ltheraded to BS2779( ISO7) Size 1" to2" : theraded to BS10266( ISO7) Als oavaible threaded to ANSI B1.20 1 Adaptor kits for use with copper tube also available Application This single unit-commissioning valve is designed for installation in circuits where combined functions of regulation and flow mensurement are requied. Accuracy of flow mensurement is 5% across all hand wheel settings. Pressure Temperature Rantings Temperature 0c -10 to 100 110 120 Pressure ( Bar) 25 23.4 21.8 Materials Part Material Part Material Body Bronze Disc( 25-50) Brass+ PTFE Bonnet Brass ‘ O’ Ring Seal EPDM Rubber Stem Brass Orifice Insert Brass Disc ( 15-20) Brass Hand Wheel Plastic Dimensions, Coefficients ½ “ up to 2”

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